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Holy CRAP!
Sorry that is has been so freaking long since I have posted icons but with a disabled computer, a crazy semester, and ... no that's it, I haven't had the time to post any!

But with the amazing scenes of Lindsay and Danny and OTH have a killer comeback and my latest obsession with Mark Salling and Lea Michele from Glee I think I am starting to come back! :)

Remember, credit if use!


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(Deleted comment)
I am glad you like! I am hoping to do more this weekend :)

*sigh* These are all so pretty, Megan! I especially love that one of Anna and the NH ones. ♥

I can't help laughing at the one of Finn singing in the shower. Priceless!

Thanks Diane! :D

Aw Finn, how I used to like you... Hopefully you will be likable again!

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